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Eating Healthy and Fitness

healthy eating and fitness - It's so cute to see your children playing together so nicely. They might not be playing house like most kids would play, but they may play a game called gardening. Kids make up really cute games when they're younger and you can tell them all about it before they move out of the house so you can have some memories to share with them.

Kids may get the idea by watching you in the garden but what kids don't know is that it's a lot of hard work, but it keeps you busy when you're not working at your full time job. They may get the idea that that's what you're doing is playing outside, so they might want to be gardeners when they're older so they can play outside too.

It's time to go get the video camera when you're watching your children play so nicely together and listening to them talk gardening talk. It's so cute because you know they get everything they're talking about from hearing you talk. This is definitely will be one video you will have to show your kids when they're older.

Since kids at this age are so little and may sometimes get bored with their toys, to release themselves from being bored they may think up some games to play and let their imagination run away with them.

This might also make you feel good as well because as you're watching your children playing pretend, you think to yourself that they get everything they're doing by watching you. It must mean a lot because you may think that it could mean that they will grow up and get married and feed their children healthy food straight from their garden.

What's funny to you is that they know where everything goes and what all belongs in a garden. You might not have taught them anything like that, but they might pick up on it really fast. The fact that they can pick up on things really fast may put you at ease when they start school and would need to learn how to do everything in a classroom.

It may be even impressive for you because they know how to clean up their mess when they're done. Since that impresses you, see if you can get them to help you around the house. It's important to learn what your child's capabilities are at a young age so you can recognize them for it and be proud of them when they're doing something well.

Once you have their cute little performance all recorded, this would be a great tape to make copies and show the tape to all your family members. You want them to see how great your kids are at pretend gardening. When you're passing out tapes, don't forget to save a copy for yourselves because you would want to eventually show your children the little games they played when they were younger and would even want to make tapes for them to show their children later on down the road.

healthy eating and fitness

author : Lanbo Jiang
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